Verruca & Wart Clinic

Our specialist verruca and wart treatments utilise the latest, proven technology for the speedy and effective removal of even the most persistent of these unsightly, often painful afflictions.

Verrucas and warts can appear on almost any part of the body. Our controllable specialist equipment enables us to treat verrucas and warts successfully in many areas. In addition to hands and feet, we also treat warts on the face and head, legs and arms. Our equipment even allows us to treat very sensitive areas such as lips, nose, and eyelids!

Specialists In Treating Verrucas & Warts

Many of the patients we cure each year have visited MK Clinic after years of trying other methods of treatment without success; these include adults and children of all ages. Before your first appointment, our qualified reception staff will discuss your problem and then determine the best practitioner to pair you with.

We have a range of industry-leading equipment in‐house operated by fully trained and qualified health professionals. At your first session, we will assess your condition and agree with you on a treatment plan suited to your circumstances and condition. This may involve more than one treatment type. Under normal circumstances, we will begin treatment at your first session. We will always discuss and agree with you on the treatment and follow up charges before starting treatment.

Verrucas and warts are viral infections, and like the common cold, can be extremely resistant to treatment. Unlike the common cold, the majority of infections do not self-resolve and may spread rapidly if left untreated. The earlier a condition is effectively treated, then generally, the easier it is to resolve. At the MK Clinic, we have been carrying out treatment on these conditions for many years, and we have successfully resolved even the most resistant and extensive conditions where other treatments have failed.

We continually review and assess new equipment and methods to ensure we are able to provide the most effective solutions to patients. We are one of only a small number of medical practices able to clinically remove verrucas.

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Our Verruca & Wart Treatments

We carry out treatments on feet, hands and face. The range of treatments we provide have a proven track record of success and include:

Laser Treatment

Our medical-grade lasers are painless and particularly effective at dealing with clusters and mosaic verrucae/warts, including those over larger areas of infection. Lasers are the ideal treatment for children and can be administered to a wide range of patients, including diabetic patients. The treatment is a permanent solution with very low reoccurrence rates.

Cryoflex Treatment

Using state-of-the-art equipment, our Cryoflex treatment uses a gold-tipped probe applied directly onto the verruca or wart. A cooling gas is then applied through the probe to freeze the tip to a controlled temperature. As it is totally controllable, this treatment is far less traumatic to the surrounding tissue than liquid nitrogen. Because it forces the freezing down the centre of the lesion, it is far more effective at bringing about a permanent cure. This treatment is most effective on single verrucae, facial and hand/finger warts.

Clinical Surgical Removal

Verrucas and warts are viral infections and cannot be simply cut out without sophisticated equipment to remove all virused tissue. We now have in-house the latest clinical equipment for the physical removal of verrucas and warts, providing an immediate solution to stubborn long term infections. The procedure utilises a small probe that detaches the verruca and wart from the surrounding healthy tissue. A second probe is then used to clean and cauterise the area, ensuring rapid healing. To avoid any discomfort, a small injection of anaesthetic is applied to the area being treated. During the follow-up, aftercare sessions, laser treatment will be applied to both rapidly enhance healing and to minimise the survival of any tiny amount of remaining virused tissue.

The Cost Of The Treatment

Your initial consultation with a specialist will normally be £45. At the session, there may be additional treatment/medication costs starting from only £5 depending upon the extent of the condition and treatment type selected. Clinical removal of verrucas by Acusect starts from £360, including aftercare sessions and laser healing.

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"After dealing with verrucas for many years with no luck at getting rid of them, I decided to see a professional to get them treated once and for all. Within just a few months of appointments, they have all gone – finally! Always a great service at MK Clinic, a huge thank you to Andrew, Nicola and the team!"

Craig Austin - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars