Orthotics Centre

Orthotics can provide a simple, yet highly effective remedy for a wide variety of patient conditions, including lower back, hip, knee, ankle and heel pain. They are also ideal for relieving discomfort from flat or fallen arches, as well as pain in the forefoot and shins.

Professional, Custom-Made Orthotics

Whether you are an active sportsperson or carry a normal lifestyle, our custom orthotics can provide effective, long-term relief for a broad range of uncomfortable conditions which may arise due to the way we walk or stand.

The orthotics we prescribe are comfortable, of the highest quality and take up a minimum amount of space in shoes. Made of carbon-based materials, they have built-in flexibility and are highly resistant to odours and degradation of performance. Together, these qualities guarantee years of trouble-free wearing.

We can prescribe a variety of orthotic types for specialist footwear and activities. Our general range is also multi shoe compatible meaning most patients only require one pair which they can move between their shoes, trainers and boots.

Speak To A Trained Orthotics Expert.

We are committed to taking a personal approach, getting to know your condition before creating bespoke orthotics to relieve discomfort.

Orthotics Designed Using Our 3D Laser Scanner

Our 3D laser scanners offer the most accurate image of the foot in seconds and without the need for messy plaster casts. In addition, the resultant scan provides the practitioner with an extra visual aid to the problems present in the foot, helping with diagnosis and corrective prescription. This allows us to provide all patients with comprehensive aftercare services all at economical rates. All treatments are carried out by fully qualified HCPC registered podiatrists and can typically be completed within just one session.

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"I used to get so much pain in my knees until I saw Karen for orthotics. Now I am completely pain-free! The orthotics are definitely worth the cost to be out of pain. I am on my feet all day for work which used to be a struggle but not anymore. I would recommend this to anyone!"

Morgan Tapp - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars