Nail Repair

Our nail repair treatment is designed to enhance damaged and infected nails with normal, healthy-looking prosthetic alternatives. During sessions, ridges are smoothed out and missing parts built up, restoring the appearance of nails and preventing further infections.

Specialist Prosthetic Nail Treatment

When nails become damaged by trauma or infection, the result can be very unsightly. We now offer a durable solution which means you no longer have to keep your feet concealed. Unlike false nails, this prosthetic nail system integrates with the existing nail and does not require the use of damaging adhesives or primers.

Our nail repair treatment is suitable for all types of nail damage or trauma. Not only this but the materials used contain nail fungus inhibitors to prevent the spread of infections and help to control existing conditions.

Creating Attractive Nails

Thickened, discoloured nails can be unsightly. For patients wishing an immediate visual solution, we provide prosthetic enhanced nail treatment, so patients do not need to keep unsightly nails hidden in shoes. We also provide a range of special medical grade nail polishes which can be applied to prosthetic nails. Unlike most commercial nail polishes, these do not contain aggressive chemicals which can degrade natural nails, making them an ideal choice for use on natural nails as well.

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Preparing The Nails

We prepare the nails using specialist equipment, designed to reshape and remodel the existing part of the nail. If nail fungus is present, we will treat this using one of our proven methods; you can find more information on these over on our fungal nail infection page.


The New Nails

The new nails are formed onto the remaining nail, becoming an integral part and replacing any missing areas; this will provide a smooth, natural-looking surface to the nail. We are able to create nails for most skin types and colours.


Maintaining The Nails

Periodic maintenance of the toenails will be required as the nails grow out. Toenails grow at a relatively slow rate so typically only need occasional backfilling as they grow. Nails can be allowed to grow out naturally and can be trimmed.

Benefits Of Our Replacement Nail Treatment

There are a wealth of benefits that come alongside our innovative replacement nail treatment; these include the following:

Pain-free and odourless

No discolouration over time

Seals damaged nails to prevent fungal intrusion

Helps to retain the full nail bed

No damaging adhesives required

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"Karen and the team at MK Clinic are always so friendly, offer amazing treatments and always happy to help you with any issue you may have. Their treatments take a minimal fuss approach, and the prices are fantastic. Will be continuing to recommend MK Clinic to my friends and family!"

James Marlow - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars