Ingrown Nails

Ingrown nails are a common problem dealt with sympathetically and with the minimum of discomfort to the patient. Our skilled HCPC registered chiropodists and podiatrists can often resolve this painful condition at a single standard session. In extreme cases where the condition requires a permanent clinical solution under local anaesthetic, we maintain high availability, so patients are able to be treated without delay. In addition, all our foot health practitioners and reception staff are fully trained in assisting with these procedures.

Long Term Relief For Ingrown Nails

Too often, this common problem is neglected, resulting in the need for surgery to remove the offending part of the nail. Our team of highly skilled staff can deal with all levels of ingrown nails from simple occasional management to full nail surgery under local anaesthetic. All treatments are carried out with minimal discomfort and disruption to the patient, providing speedy relief to this often very painful condition.

To reassure this rapid healing, we provide three free re-dressings in the days following your procedure. Patients are fully briefed at the initial assessment and provided with information sheets to ensure they are fully familiar with what to expect at the procedure and during aftercare sessions.

Are You Experiencing Discomfort From An Ingrown Nail?

Our telephone receptionists are available both weekdays and Saturdays, able to assess your condition and pair you with the right practitioner.

Remedy Options

We treat patients of all ages, including on occasions, very small children and infants. We sympathetically recognise that every patient’s needs and abilities are different, so we will help the patient to find the best solution to meet these. Where surgery is needed but not possible, we can, in the majority of cases, provide ongoing relief from the extreme pain this condition can create.

General Maintenance

In many cases, the skill of our practitioners and the equipment we have available enables us to remove slivers of nail during a normal session and charge. Not only this, but we can also help to retrain the nail to prevent future in-growing. We will provide the patient with the necessary advice to ensure future cutting of the nails helps to avoid the problem reoccurring. In more painful instances and children, we can administer a small local anaesthetic into the toe to aid pain-free treatment.

Full Nail Surgery

In more severe instances, it may be necessary to carry out a minor surgical procedure to remove the offending part of the nail. Carried out under local anaesthetic, the procedure, in most cases, requires only the smallest part of the edge of the nail to be removed. We then treat the root to ensure re-growth does not bring back the problem. This procedure offers minimal disruption to the patient and normally acts as a permanent cure. The procedure is suitable for patients of all ages and children. Healing rates are rapid and, in the majority of cases, leaves a normal looking nail.

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"I was in so much pain with my ingrown toenail so eventually gave in and booked an appointment at MK Clinic. From start to finish, Karen couldn’t have been more helpful, and as the problem kept coming back, we opted for surgery. The surgery itself was super easy and not painful at all, and although it was during Covid, the whole team made me feel so comfortable. Afterwards, it just felt slightly uncomfortable, but I was booked in for a video follow up appointment, which made sure I was healing well and knew the right aftercare advice. All-round great service and I’m so happy with my experience!"

Michael Heidel - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars