Heel Pain Clinic

Our heel pain specialists are highly experienced in treating Plantar Fasciitis (heel pain), offering different solutions based on the nature of your condition. To assess the cause of your pain and determine a treatment package, a comprehensive diagnosis will always be carried out.

Treatments For Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an increasingly common problem which can be brought about by a number of causes from simple inherent weakness within the foot to lifestyle/working practices and stress injury. If left untreated, the problem can develop into a major debilitating condition.

At the MK Clinic, we have been successfully treating this condition for many years through a combination of treatments and preventative advice, returning many, even severely affected patients, to a normal lifestyle and work environment.

Diagnosing The Problem

Many treatments deal only with the effect of the problem (the pain), leading to increasingly frequent re-occurrence and diminishing the effect of the treatment. To ensure a lasting solution, our specialists will take a different approach, firstly carrying out a full assessment to establish the cause of the problem. From here, a complete treatment package will be provided based upon the findings.

At the diagnosis, we will be looking at what is actually happening to the foot and lower limbs, along with any stresses that may be causing or contributing to the problem. We will also determine how the foot reacts to load-bearing and walking.

Say Goodbye To Debilitating Heel Pain.

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Finding The Correct Solution

After your diagnosis, your skilled podiatrist will determine which treatment route will offer long-lasting pain relief; this may include one or both of the solutions below.

Laser Pain Relief Treatment

In the past, the only option for relieving the pain was injections into the problem area – invasive treatment into an already inflamed area is often extremely painful. To prevent this, we will instead use medical lasers to administer an anti-inflammatory treatment to the problem area. Being non-invasive, the treatment is painless and can result in complete relief of discomfort almost immediately after.

Orthotic Correction

For many patients, the condition, once started, is inherent and may be contributed by stress conditions in the way we walk or stand. In this instance, orthotics may be necessary to correct the biomechanical disorder and relieve the stress whilst comforting the foot. Key to success is the accuracy to which the orthotics are made for the individuals’ feet and the varied support they can provide in the arch. Our 3D laser scanner offers the most accurate means of shaping the orthotic to the foot and provides a wider range of prescriptive corrections.

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"I’ve been visiting MK Clinic for several years now, and with each appointment, I have received the same excellent service and courteous treatment from all team members. Their prices are fair with other local clinics, they’ve always made sure discomfort is minimal, and my appointments have always been on time."

John Green - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars