Fungal Nail Infection

An effective treatment for restoring fungal infected, thickened and discoloured nails, combining laser treatment with specialised equipment to remodel the nails to normal thickness and shape.

Treatment Options

Fungal nail conditions, especially established ones, can be immensely difficult to resolve. In conjunction with our laser suppliers, we have developed probes specifically to treat this and other conditions. When used in conjunction with the reduction of the nails and non-retail topical medications, we have a highly effective treatment. Depending upon the severity and period the condition has been present, this can take a significant number of treatments over an extended period of time to effect a recovery.

Where the damage to the nails is too severe for recovery or where treatment is compromised by lifestyles such as impact sports, we can provide alternative treatments, including maintenance and clinical removal of the offending nails.

Cosmetic options include nail friendly medical-grade nail polish and medical-grade prosthetic nails, enabling patients to go bare feet or open-toed in public places. This option is particularly popular in the summer.

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Our Treatment Process

To ensure that the infection is eradicated and the nail can be restored to its original condition, we have split our fungal nail infection treatment into four steps. The first three involve the process of treating the infection, and the last is optional should you wish to fit a prosthetic nail afterwards.


Preparing The Nail

We prepare the nail using specialist equipment to remove the thickened top layer and reduce the nail to a standard thickness. This usually removes much of the discoloured nail, leaving the patient with a far more improved visual enhancement while aiding future cutting and comfort.


The Laser Treatment

For this treatment, we use two laser applications. Firstly, a special probe to treat the newly exposed surface. We then retreat the infected nail with a penetrative probe of invisible light, used to treat into the nail, the underlying bed and root. This treatment is completely pain-free and safe.


Preventative Treatment

Between treatments, you will be required to topically medicate the treated nail to protect them from further infection until the condition has resolved.


Cosmetic Treatment

We now offer a full medical-grade prosthetic nail treatment, which is designed to allow patients with damaged and fungal infected nails to restore the appearance. The gels used will seal the nail and contain fungus inhibitors. This treatment is particularly popular in the summer, allowing patients to wear open shoes, sandals or go barefoot without embarrassment.

We are also now able to provide medical nail polishes in a variety of attractive colours. These polishes do not contain the harmful chemicals found in commercial products, which can be so harmful to nails, especially when used for long periods.

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"I had been visiting a doctor for a problem for quite some time, but they didn’t seem to be able to diagnose or solve properly, so I decided to book in with MK Clinic. At my very first appointment, Karen Killick was able to instantly diagnose it as a fungal nail infection and suggested laser sessions. The infection has now been cured completed, and I have returned back for verruca removal using the cryoflex treatment. With every visit, I have had an excellent experience, and the quality of care and professionalism has been second to none. Thank you to the team, its 5 stars all round from me!"

Tasmin Overton - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars