Clinical Procedures

At MK Clinic, we are able to complete clinical procedures for ingrowing toenails, along with the removal of verrucas, warts and repetitive corns. Our clinical procedures are carried out by highly-skilled, fully trained podiatrists, who have been registered with the HCPC to carry out surgery, including the use of local anaesthetic.

Treatments Using The Latest Medical Equipment

To complete procedures, we utilise the latest medical-surgical equipment and aftercare to ensure minimal disruption and rapid healing. For many of our procedures, we use AcuSect equipment, which offers by far, the most effective method of physical removal of persistent verrucae and recurring corns. The cauterising effect of the treatment combined with high precision elements gives maximum results with low re-occurrence rates.

In addition to AcuSect, we also utilise specialised medical-grade lasers for a number of treatments. Used for treating verrucas and as an anti-inflammatory treatment for heel pain, these lasers are particularly effective at speeding up wound healing following clinical procedures and treating ulcerations of the foot and lower leg.

Anaesthetic and Healing

Skilful application of anaesthetic and post clinical care minimises discomfort and promotes rapid healing. As a result, most patients are able to resume a normal life with minimal interruption. We also have available a needleless anaesthetic system for certain procedures and pre numbing of other clinical sites. Although recommended to rest up between the procedure and the first redressing, the next day, one patient played several holes of golf without adverse effect!

Discuss Our Procedures During An Assessment.

All procedures begin with an initial assessment to identify the problem and advise on the best treatment to maximise results.

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Severe ingrown conditions are resolved under local anaesthetic. We aim to only remove a small amount of nail, ensuring quicker healing and keeping the visual disruption minimal.

Clinical Excision Of Verrucae

Persistent deeply rooted verrucas are unlikely to respond speedily to treatment and, as a viral infection, cannot be removed by scalpel alone, we use AcuSect surgical equipment. This allows for a far more precise, accurate excision while also cauterising the treatment area. Aftercare treatments will also be available, which use advanced medical lasers to help repair the tissue and eradicate any of the remaining virus.

Painful Recurring Corns

For those experiencing painful recurring corns, we offer a lasting solution. Much like the verruca treatment, our corn procedure uses the AcuSect surgical equipment to remove recurring and neurovascular corns under local anaesthetic. The procedure provides rapid healing assisted by aftercare sessions.

The Cost Of The Treatment

Typical costs start from around £240 for a procedure with anaesthetic and includes three FREE aftercare sessions to redress the treated area and if appropriate, administer our laser healing treatment. This ensures the quickest possible complete healing. For further information or to book an initial assessment, please call our experienced reception staff.

Sharing Excellent Client Feedback

"I was so happy to come across MK Clinic through Google, they have been so helpful and friendly throughout my experience. I booked in to treat an ingrown toenail, and after a few failed attempts to resolve the problem, I decided to book in for surgery. They were able to get my appointment booked last minute and gave fantastic aftercare advice."

Jo Jervis - Rated MK Clinic 5/5 Stars